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We combine creativity, passion, research and expertise in multiple areas to deliver interior spaces that empower occupants with increased performance, improved health, enhanced comfort and added flexibility. Most importantly, we strive to create environments that have a profound impact on people as they work, learn, live, heal and enjoy life. Our interior design group consists of leading-edge specialists with deep expertise designing buildings of all types—from inspiring spaces for children to highly controlled environments for infectious diseases, and every space in between.

Space Planning and Organization


Space planning is a fundamental element of the interior design process. It starts with an in-depth analysis of how the space is to be used. The designer then draws up a plan that defines the zones of the space and the activities that will take place in those zones. The space plan will also define the circulation patterns that show how people will move through the space.  The plan is finished by adding details of all the furniture, equipment and hardware placement.




Home staging is a process that entails highlighting the best features of a home to make it more appealing to potential buyers. Additionally, it helps fetch a high market value for the house and makes it sell fast. Presently, most people are buying and selling houses online, and this has seen a rise in demand for home staging services. It is a powerful home marketing tool if properly used.


Furniture Assembly


What is Included in Furniture Assembly? ... They'll arrive at your door tools in hand, put together the pieces of furniture or equipment that you need assembled, clean up any mess left behind such as wood shavings, product wrapping, and the like, and then vanish without a trace.


Lighting and Accessories General


lighting is one of the first layers of lighting used in modern interior design and refers to the light used for the overall illumination of the space. These types of lighting sources provide basic lighting requirements to create an accessible space where users can move around easily in a safe way.  Recessed ceiling lights, or overhead ceiling fixtures can meet general lighting needs. General lighting can sometimes be the existing lighting or part of the new lighting design plan.


Commercial Design


We understand the unspoken effect a commercial interior has on people. We know how it can influence trust, improve employee morale, inspire awe and create reputability. We’ve worked with businesses throughout Atlanta Metro Counties to transform their interiors to instill these benefits in their interiors—from traditional offices, to hotels and beyond.

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